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Lydia Cash grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to Chicago on a whim in 2013 with no plan or job leads, only the dream of making her way as an independent painter and musician.


After finding success as a painter, Cash moved to Nashville in 2021 to further pursue her music career. A relative of Johnny Cash, Lydia rediscovered her connection to country music while living in Nashville and bartending on lower Broadway. Missing her adopted home, Cash returned to Chicago in the summer of 2023.

Cash's latest release, "Indigo", boasts her fresh indie take on country music, weaving synths with traditional pedal steel, her airy voice floating with stacked harmonies and emotional, heartfelt lyrics. The five songs share a common theme of longing, whether that be for a person, a feeling, or for the past. While heavy on the nostalgia, there is nothing dated about this EP; honest, full of heart, with confessional lyrics, Cash is creating something new in country music and leaves us feeling good and wanting more. 

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