"Lydia Cash Duo made our wedding celebration an absolute delight. My guests were greeted with their soft jazz set at the beginning of the reception and they also sang a custom song for our first dance together as a married couple. Their level of professionalism and ease to work with was unparalleled. I am incredibly thankful that they made our night so special and guests were thrilled with the ambiance they imbued into the space. Highly recommend them for any classy occasion!"

- Suleen L., November 2019


"Justin and Lydia are absolutely amazing and delightful. Quite talented! I can’t get enough of Lydia’s voice. Their energy and vibe together is so contagious. It truly warms my heart. Seriously, they are a brilliant duo and I want everyone to experience them at least once! Bucket list MUST!"

- Jeanine W., November 2019

"It was an extreme pleasure to have the Lydia Cash Duo perform at our wedding. They are fantastic vocally and musically! We had them perform at our cocktail hour and everyone loved their music. It was beautiful."

- Chris L., October 2019


“The Lydia Cash Duo was outstanding!”

- Cruise ship guest, September 2019


“Our favorite performers were the Lydia Cash Duo. They are extremely talented and impressively performed a great variety of genres of music.”

- Cruise ship guest, August 2019


“The Lydia Cash Duo was amazing! I followed them around the ship.”

- Cruise ship guest, August 2019


“Hugely impressed by Lydia Cash Duo for live entertainment. Highly professional, versatile and entertaining.”

- Cruise ship guest, July 2019


“We LOVED the music by the Lydia Cash Duo. We followed them around to their different performances.”

- Cruise ship guest, June 2019


“The best entertainment you currently have on board is the Lydia Cash Duo."

- Cruise ship guest, May 2019


Past clients include: Renaissance Hotels, The Gwen Hotel - Michigan Avenue Chicago, House of Blues Foundation Room, Roanoke Restaurant, Westfield Group, The Jeanine Wheeler Group, Volo Restaurant Wine Bar,

The Berghoff, & Chicago Loop Alliance

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